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Jakarta EE/EE4J

Jakarta EE brings together a global community of leading developers, vendors, and enterprises to collaborate on advancing enterprise Java technologies in the cloud. The objective of Jakarta EE is creating a set of specifications for native Java applications in the cloud that can be executed using runtimes from different vendors.



We both are sitting in the Jakarta EE Steering Committee as Participating Members representative where we are taking an active role to shape the future of enterprise Java. One of the goals is to work closely with the Microprofile team. Abraham tries also to be involved in more technical work



Marcin Kruglik and Abraham Marin Perez.



LJC took a part in the Java EE Guardians group whose aim was to discuss with Oracle the future of Java EE as an Open Source project at a time when very little was happening in terms of Java EE development (5 years ago). As a result of the work of this group Oracle has donated all property related to Java EE to Eclipse foundation and Jakarta EE has been born. Since then we have been involved in work of different Working Groups of the project.


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