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Sponsorship Prospectus - London Java Community

Welcome to the London Java Community (LJC)

A dynamic and passionate organisation comprised of dedicated developers and technologists. Established in 2007, the LJC has grown into a thriving community of over 8,000 IT professionals, positioning it among the UK’s largest Java communities. Our membership boasts internationally recognised speakers, technology leaders, and influential figures in the industry.


The LJC actively participates in standards bodies and co-founds major programs such as Eclipse Adoptium, which produces nearly 50% of Java runtimes used in production. With a worldwide reach and stellar reputation, we are a key player in the software development world, reflecting the direction that leading development teams are taking.


Our community members actively engage in a wide range of events, from presentations and conferences to workshops, career mentorship, hack-days, and informal gatherings. Since 2020, we've adapted our events into virtual formats, expanding our global reach and engagement; we still do in-person events as well, so we are not limited in the type of event we offer.


Why Become a Sponsor?


Becoming a sponsor of the London Java Community offers a range of benefits:


1. Access & Mentorship: Sponsors gain exposure to a large community of software developers and engineers. You can also provide exclusive offers and mentorship in specific areas, with the LJC facilitating this valuable exchange.

2. Thought Leadership: Sponsors have the opportunity to showcase their thought leaders by having them address our community, either virtually or in person. This unique platform conveys your industry positioning, ideas, and recent products and services.

3. Brand Awareness: Sponsors enjoy branding visibility across all pre-promotion, event, and post-event coverage, enhancing brand recognition and exposure.

4. Lead Generation: Engage with your target audience through various lead generation mechanisms, generating new opportunities and connections.


LJC Virtual/In-Person Events

The LJC hosts content-driven sponsored events, where experts can address the community. These events can include webinars, round-tables, workshops, lunchtime lightning talks, social hangouts, meetups, speaker clinics, GitHub tutorials, live demonstrations, and formal get-togethers.


Annual Sponsorship Packages:

The London Java Community offers annual sponsorship packages to cater to sponsors' engagement preferences. These packages provide greater exposure at attractive prices:

Advocate Package (£5,000):

  • 2 sponsored webinars

  • 2 email blasts

  • Branding throughout our communications and events


Contributor Package (£10,000):

  • 1 sponsored meetup

  • 2 sponsored webinars

  • 4 sponsored email blasts

  • Branding throughout our communications and events


Thought Leader Package (£15,000):

  • 1 roundtable (or similar)

  • 2 sponsored meetups

  • 2 sponsored webinars

  • 6 sponsored email blasts

  • Branding throughout our communications and events


Additional Information:

We create bespoke sponsorship packages with both quarterly payments and one-off event sponsorship as an option.


Contact Us!

For more information or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at:


The London Java Community's membership base consists of over 8,000 IT professionals.

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